About me

I am Jes Knudsen. I have gained comprehensive understanding of Kosher and Halal certification, that enables me to effectively implement the relevant requirements in a quality management system


I am known for always delivering in the agreed quality at the agreed time


I have worked with global Kosher and Halal certification for more than 20 years


I am systematic and structured, and used to thinking in both the details and the overall picture

Who am I

I am an expert in

  • assessing the need for Kosher/Halal certification
  • identifying the relevant certification bodies
  • identifying gaps in relation to certification
  • establishing procedures and systems to efficiently support certification
  • interpreting, evaluating and challenging certification bodies’ requirements
Jes Knudsen KKHC

Jes Knudsen

– the only European consultant in Kosher and Halal certification



Various positions at Novozymes A/S (previously part of Novo Industri A/S and Novo Nordisk A/S):

  • Senior manager, Global Quality (2000-2021)
  • Product coordinator, Enzyme Production (1994-2000)
  • Engineer and manager, Various enzyme and penicillin plants (Denmark, Japan, Italy, 1985-1994)
  • Engineer, Pilot Plant (1981-1985)

MSc in Chemical Engineering, DTU, Denmark (1980)

Kosher / halal activities

  • Member of the Danish Agriculture & Food Halal Network Group (2021- )
  • Novozymes’ Global Kosher and Halal coordinator (2000-2021)
  • Attended Kosher (incl. Passover) and Halal certification audits at Novozymes plants and toll manufacturers in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, USA, Brazil, China and India (1996-2021)
  • Founder and chairman of the Danish Kosher/Halal network group (2000-2020)
  • Novozymes’ Global Kosher production coordinator (1994-2000)

Halal training

  • Seminar on Global halal standards and Halal Assurance System training (Danish Agriculture and Food, 2021)
  • International Halal auditor training (Halal Control, Germany, 2014)
  • International Training on Halal Assurance System (MUI, Indonesia, 2010)

Halal Conferences

Participant at : 

    • 8th International Halal Food Conference
      (HFCE, virtual, 2021)
    • Roundtable on the new UAE Halal Scheme
      (EU-GCC, Amsterdam, 2016)
    • Seminar on Malaysia Halal standards
      (Danish Agriculture & Food, 2015)
    • Global Halal Forum
      (MUI, Jakarta, 2010)

Speaker at :

    • 19th International Halal Food Conference
      (IFANCA, Chicago, 2017)
    • 2nd EU-GCC Halal Workshop and Roundtable
      (EU-GCC, Dubai, 2016)
    • 7th International Halal Food Conference
      (HFCE, Brussels, 2016)
    • 6th International Halal Food Conference
      (HFCE, Brussels, 2014)
    • 5th International Halal Food Conference
      (HFCE, Brussels, 2012)
    • 4th International Halal Food Conference
      (IFCE, Brussels, 2010)
    • 3rd International Halal Food Conference
      (IFCE, Brussels, 2008)
    • 2nd International Halal Food Conference
      (IFCE, Amsterdam, 2006)
    • 1st International Halal Food Conference
      (IFCE, Brussels, 2004)
    • Halal Food Conference
      (IFANCA, Paris, 2001)


Good for mankind award

“Company of the Year”
(IFANCA, 2017)

Crescent-M Award “Good for Mankind”, “In Appreciation of his Long Time Support to Halal” (IFANCA, 2017)


Halal food production handbook

Co-author of chapter “Globalization of Halal Certification: From an Industrial Perspective”
in “Handbook of Halal Food Production” (Mian N. Riaz, Muhammad M. Chaudry, CRC Press, 2019)


Kosher og Halal certificering af foedevarer

Author of article
Kosher og Halal certificering af fødevarer
in “Levnedsmiddelbladet” , Tech Media, March 2022


My wife and I live in Hvalsoe, 50 km west of Copenhagen, Denmark. I am a passionate runner and ran marathons for many years. I still run several times per week, but now half marathon is the limit.